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Veragold Panama is a private, emerging mining company preparing to be a gold and silver producer in the Republic of Panama. Veragold’s principal asset is the world-class Minas Santa Rosa project near Cañazas, Republic of Panama.  With over 1.2M ounces of gold already defined, along with over 5M ounces of silver, a 6000tpd environmentally and socially responsible mill is currently in design with start-up scheduled for early 2018.

With the resource under the Republic of Panama’s Law Decree 92 of November 7, 2013,  Veragold also controls all of the minerals within a 50km radius of Minas Santa Rosa, affording us other opportunities for further development.  With drilling currently underway, we are excited about the future growth of our company.


Veragold’s strategy to create value has four elements:

  • Advance Minas Santa Rosa to commercial production.
  • Even though the current project has considerable upside potential with significant value to be realized, Veragold will continue to expand the Minas Santa Rosa deposit through developmental drilling,
  • Explore other potential Au/Ag opportunities on our current land position in Panama that provides a platform for future growth.
  • Create value through strategic acquisitions and transactions in Panama and other areas with a good mineral development climate with the objective of constant growth in the mining sector.

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One of the rewarding aspects of the mining industry is the positive socio-economic impact that developing new mines can have on the local populations in what are often remote and/or impoverished areas of the world.  The local Santa Rosa community has embraced Veragold and become our partners in moving this project forward.

At Veragold, we continue to recognize that responsible environmental stewardship and social responsibility are integral components of business in today’s world. We have recognized as corporate priorities issues like environmental management and the support of local communities, and we integrate environmental and social factors in the decision-making process for Veragold. Whether it is by aiding in building a new hospital, providing food for the young and aged in the community, or supporting the schools and athletic teams, Veragold has partnered with the community to not only make it a better place, but leave it a better place when we finish operations.  Our commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility is even shown in the design of our plant and our process that eliminates waste ponds and uses tailings in products that will benefit the local community.

Veragold’s social success is based on Rapport, Respect and Results.  That’s how you build trust and win Hearts and Minds!